The Christchurch
Brick Show
LUG 4/2


Creative Play


Our play area is on the Hapori | Community floor (level one) of Tūranga, Christchurch's Central Library. Our bright and bold space has six building tables and two building pits. With that many bricks, there are infinite possibilities for building!

One of Imagination Station's core values is accessibility, so everyone is always welcome at our play area in Tūranga. There is no fee for playing in our area, however we recommend making a donation of $3 each time you come to help keep us sustainable. We make this nice and easy by providing a credit card tap point where you can simply tap to donate your $3. Or, if you carry coins, donating can even be turned into a game with our donation spinner!

Our play space can get very busy at times - especially holidays and weekends. If Imagination Station is busy during your visit, there are plenty of other activities to do around Tūranga while you wait for space to be available.

Bookings are not required for individuals and families to come and be creative at Imagination Station's LEGO building area. However bookings are required for school and community groups due to the numbers involved (we will usually set up a separate play space for groups).

Our LEGO education classes are typically held in other areas around the Library, such as the computer labs on Auahatanga | Creativity floor (level four) and the Creative Area on Hapori | Community floor (level one).