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What we're About

Imagination Station is a Social Enterprise - we're in the business of making society a better place for the next generation. We specialise in using widely loved LEGO tools and technologies for long-term social outcomes. Imagination Station is run by the LUG 4/2 LEGO fan group, which is an Incorporated Society (#2563380) registered with the New Zealand Charities Commission (#CC50587).

Our mission is to build creative, lifelong learners. We offer high-quality resources and experiences that align with our four key values: Creativity, Engagement, Accessibility, and Exploration.

Creativity: Creative play is essential for growing creative minds. We foster the development of critical skills like innovation and communication through our play area and educational programmes.

Engagement: Developing any skill requires time and practice. We use LEGO products as a trusted tool to encourage people of all ages to engage with their imagination and the world around them.

Accessibility: Positive learning experiences should be accessible to everyone. By making our resources and skilled staff available to all, we create opportunities for our whole community.

Exploration: The process of exploring uncovers endless opportunities to be curious, experiment, and learn. We encourage people to think exploratively through hands-on learning experiences.

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Mother and child engaging and playing at LEGO table