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Technic Starter

Technic Starter

This LEGO Technic introductory class is perfect for fostering creativity while learning about machinery. LEGO Technic uses a system of pins, axles, lift arms, gears and other specialised building parts to explore structures designed to move, such as catapults, rubber band cars, grabbing machines and plenty more!

Age range: 5-8 years old

Session Length: 60 minutes

Price: $6.50 per child per hour (Minimum $80 per hour)

Capacity: Up to 32 children working independently or in pairs.

  • - Pins, axles, beams, and gears can be used to create static and moving components in models.
  • - Elastic potential energy can be used to power a mechanical device for a short time.
  • - We can use mechanical design to solve a wide range of problems.



Students are introduced to the basic building components of LEGO Technic before choosing a simple machine to build, either with instructions or in a facilitated group. Students are encouraged to modify their build, and most students will have time to build two or more of our simple machines. Projects available in each session include a grabber (a component of a scissor lift), catapult, rubber band car, and set of scales.


We are learning to:

  • - Follow pictorial instructions
  • - Follow verbal instructions
  • - Match shaped pieces together
  • - Use levers, pivots, and axles to create moving models
  • - Improve and expand on an existing design



  • Nature of Science/Investigating in Science (Levels 1-3):
  • - Extend their experiences and personal explanations of the natural world through exploration, play, asking questions, and discussing simple models. (1-2)
  • - Build on prior experiences, working together to share and examine their own and others’ knowledge. (3)
  • - Ask questions, find evidence, explore simple models, and carry out appropriate investigations to develop simple explanations. (3)

  • Physical World/Physical Inquiry and Physics Concepts (Levels 1-2)
  • - Explore everyday examples of physical phenomena, such as movement, forces, electricity and magnetism, light, sound, waves, and heat. (1-2)


  • Nature of Technology/Characteristics of Technology (Levels 1-2)
  • - Understand that technology is purposeful intervention through design. (1)
  • - Understand that technology both reflects and changes society and the environment and increases people’s capability. (2)

  • Nature of Technology/Characteristics of Technological Outcomes (Levels 1-2)
  • - Understand that technological outcomes are products or systems developed by people and have a physical nature and a functional nature. (1)
  • - Understand that technological outcomes are developed through technological practice and have related physical and functional natures. (2)


Students explore the types of connections that are possible with LEGO Technic and use these pieces to construct movement and stability where appropriate. Involves a lot of spatial reasoning, logic and fine motor skills.

Using language, symbols and text:
Students have the option to follow along with a facilitated build or use pictorial instructions to complete a simple machine.

Managing Self:
Students each select a build and see it through to completion, taking responsibility for collecting the right pieces, following instructions and putting pieces together. Students are expected to use appropriate behaviour in the library space during their visit.

Relating to Others:
Practicing respectful use of our creations, including verbal consent with grabbers.

Participating and contributing: 
Students primarily use self-motivation during this class but have options to work collaboratively once they have finished their build.


More resources are coming soon, but in the meantime why not check out our free worksheets?


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