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LUG 4/2 Family Membership

Family memberships to LUG 4/2 include the following benefits:
  • Access to the exclusive Toyworld LUG4/2 member discount (Christchurch stores only - may take up to 2 weeks to activate after membership signup)
  • For each family member over 16, access to part selection for LUG 4/2's annual "LUGBulk" purchase (a scheme for bulk purchasing of individual LEGO parts)
  • Access to "Project support". This is a scheme for bulk purchasing of individual LEGO parts for an approved special custom project to be publicly displayed. Projects must be 25,000+ parts. Contact the LUG 4/2 ambassador for more information. 
  • Adults have voting rights at the LUG 4/2 AGM.
  • Membership, if paid by credit card will auto-renew each year. Please email if you have any issues or questions